Arma Competition

May 18, 2020 - July 17, 2020

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 The mission ends when the time run out (1hour)

The first to step into their enemy tent win the match 

Conquer and destroy the enemy 

OPFOR tent


Game: Arma 3

Map: Tanoa

How many slots:  80 slots / per match

Match: 4 per day

Length: 1 hour per match

The map is Tanoa

The winning team will be a featured on our website 

After the match Screenshot your score and posted on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter using the hashtag #Junglek9 #opforvsblufor #opfor  #arma3


1. Don't be a jerk

2. Respect each other

 Please be on time 

 Make sure your internet connection is reliable

Login / Troubleshooting / common problem

Close all the internet browser before login

Please turn off your VPN. 

If you using any type of VPN might experiment some internet connection and FPS problem

You might experience some problem login as files lost 

If you experience files lost when login. Please close all the windows and restart all over again

Please search the server on Arma  3 launcher for a faster connection and added to favorite for next time

Select any available slot

  • 45-455766_twitch-community-twitch-logo-p
  • Facebook
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